1450mm 4 Roll Tension Leveler

1450mm 4 Roll Tension Leveler

one.1450mm four roll rigidity leveller is designed to boost the surface good quality, mechanical qualities, enhance product top quality quality of cold rolled (P / C, stainless steel). The generation and procedure cost of this flat equipment is minimal, the investment is minimal, the technologies economic system is large, and the ideal economic reward is attained. 

The flat device has the pursuing qualities: 

So the force manage making use of AFC, APC and other conventional settings, but also joined the AEC implies. 

two.”S” – before and right after the roller adopts vertical configuration, shorten the size of device, equipped with auxiliary wear mechanism, enhance the performance and protection of. The “S” roller can be used as a horizontal configuration in accordance to the demands. 

And following the roll configuration, get rid of condition flaws of extremely skinny flat when the. 

– rolling line altering system of the stepped wedge portfolio adjustment, the input of the diameter of the roller can be quick automatic control cylinder driving stepped wedge displacement to the proper situation, recognize the automated and fast adjustment of rolling line 

three.So the pressure plate correction and operate roll bending shape handle method can much better management the finished strip. 

Making use of double – roll modifying vehicle, function roll fast altering. Or the use of the raise type for the roller, preserve the device area. 

The – mill of Siemens S7-four hundred sequence programmable controller goods, DC travel making use of 6RA70 sequence of full electronic velocity manage program. 

An uncoiling machine, roll device, flat machine and so forth. Weighty load driving system equipment speed reducer with six stages of precision alloy steel after carburizing and quenching gear, oil circulation lubrication. Important components these kinds of as the main shaft, the admirer plate, the hollow shaft and so on. 

So the roller polishing gadget can immediately sprucing on the roll surface, increase the top quality of goods. 

four.And essential factors of the imported items, this sort of as MOOG servo valve, Sony magnetic scale, and can also be configured in accordance to person demands. 

Making use of – direct hydraulic force and complete operate automatically prolonged charge manage technique and the high precision of constant stress manage, to ensure large velocity rolling sheet constant belt, all major push have adopted the low inertia motor configuration and high precision tension handle, the handle plate shape formation of thin gauge plate to offer a guarantee. 

– in purchase to make sure the productive use of, the design unit with quick use, quick roll modify, and other capabilities, to make sure that the minimal labor depth and high generation effectiveness. 

5.And transmission and basic automation, AEC system with intercontinental renowned company and the strongest domestic manufacturer supporting, vital bearing were
outstanding. All the critical transmission for substantial precision carburized equipment tooth grinding. 



No.  Incoming thickness(mm) Output
Incoming width (mm) Coil weight (t) Annual output Ratio
one 2 .two 1100 20 5000 2
two 2.3 .twenty five 1100 20 7500 3
3 two.75 .35 1200 twenty 50000 twenty
4 three. .45 1200 22 75000 thirty
five 3. .5 1200 22 87500 35
6 3.five .seven 1300 twenty five 12500 5
7 three.five one. 1300 25 7000 3
8 4. 1.five 1300 twenty five 5000 2
Total         200000 one hundred

1450mm 4 Roll Tension Leveler