2019 Fully Automatic Intelligent Cement Concrete Grouting Machine for Bridge Construction

2019 Fully Automatic Intelligent Cement Concrete Grouting Machine for Bridge Construction

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This grouting products is the special equipment utilised in railway and freeway development. It is composed of computerized feeding, auto-weighing, high pace mixing, reduced pace mixing and grout pump and is used to prestressed building of the railway and highway bridge design operates and some chemical organization creation. It has the positive aspects of straightforward go,substantial stage of automation,accurate weighing and effortless procedure and so on.

This products is cellular and consisted of automatic feeding method, auto-weighing method,microcomputer automatic management program, higher and low speed mixing program, drinking water source technique and mobile method. The high velocity mixing part of the tools can combine up 350 kg grout at most at one time, 4000 kg to 7000 kg grout per hour (manual handle).In addition, minimal pace mixing storage barrel can accommodate the combine that has been mixed by higher speed mixing barrel.High-speed and minimal – velocity mixing drum can obtain ongoing feeding to the grouting tools.

This gear has sensible composition, large creation efficiency and very good mixing quality, which totally satisfies the connected specifications of TB/T3192-2008 “specialized situations of submit-tensioning technique prestressed concrete beam duct grouting in railway”.

1.Entirely computerized procedure

When utilised, only established the solitary weight of the powder materials and drinking water, and the products can routinely weigh and control the fat of h2o and mixing time.After the large velocity mixing, open the discharge valve, put the cement grout into the reduced-velocity mixing barrel for backup, and then close the discharge valve of the substantial velocity mixing barrel for the subsequent feeding and mixing.

2.High speed mixing 

The rated speed of the substantial-pace mixing barrel of this tools is one thousand RPM. The higher-pace mixing can make the powder and drinking water fully suitable.The working treatment is as follows: first, the water is instantly utilized, then the large pace mixing drum is routinely operated and the grouting agent and cement are extra successively. Following steady mixing for 3 minutes, the grout can be discharged to the grout storage barrel with mixing operate for reserve.

3.Lower-pace mixing barrel designed for anti-precipitation

This products is geared up with a large capacity storage barrel, which can accommodate the slurry that has been combined by the high pace mixing barrel, and satisfy the uninterrupted feeding of the massive stream of grouting gear.And it has minimal speed mixing perform, can effectively avoid the grout precipitation.

4.Trailer method

The whole tools is assembled on the cellular trailer, which can be easily dragged by other motor automobiles.

5.Optional steady screw grouting method

When utilized for the railway pre-stressing development, consumers can furthermore decide on the ongoing screw grouting products, and the fundamental parameters are as follows:

The grouting pump functions constantly, with no fluctuation of stress and no air bubble in the pumped grout. The theoretical work load is 4.5 m3 / h, and it has the perform of automatic stress keeping.The whole range of the strain gauges is 3Mpa, making sure the stress gauge to operate reliably beneath high stress.The genuine pressure of the grouting is usually managed in between .5mpa and .7mpa.The minimal division is .1mpa to make the measurement much more correct.

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2019 Fully Automatic Intelligent Cement Concrete Grouting Machine for Bridge Construction