Alluvial Sand Rock Stone Gold Diamond Coltan Tin Chrome Copper Nickel Cobalt Mining Process Concentrator Refining Machine

Alluvial Sand Rock Stone Gold Diamond Coltan Tin Chrome Copper Nickel Cobalt Mining Process Concentrator Refining Machine

Alluvial Sand Rock Stone Gold Diamond Coltan Tin Chrome Copper Nickel Cobalt Mining Method Concentrator Refining Machine

Our manufacturing unit skilled produce different sort gold washing trommel, rotary scrubber, vibrating display, jaw crusher, ball mill, shaking table, centrifugal concentrator, jigger device, sluice box, magnetic separator, large pressure electrostatic separator,…
—Merchandise software—

one) Diamond mining
two) Rock gold, stones
three) Alluvial gold diamond, placer gold, gold sand
four) Clay alluvial, River dust gold & diamond with clay
five) Desert sand, gold tailing…
6). Soiled stones
seven). Other type mining washing and classify and separation

AS per different mining issue, we layout the flowchart as below,

a). Washing trommel+Centrifugal concentrator+Shaking desk
b). Washing trommel+Jig machine(Jigger)+Shaking table
c). Washing trommel+Sluice box with grass mat(carpet).
d). Feeder+Jaw crusher+Belt conveyor+Cone crusher+Vibrating monitor+Ball mill+Centrifugal concentrator+Shaking table / Flotation cells.

1). Trommel Display screen
one. Doing work Theory:

Materials feed into the hopper by excavator,large force drinking water unveiled and clean the mineral,then,mineral by CZPT into the drum.It is lifted up by the rotation and aerated as it drop back again down.This finer substance passes by way of the monitor openings whilst the massive materials tumbles in direction of its at some point exit at the actual of the drum.Following that,the final mineral and h2o go by way of the sluice bow which is consist with gold grass mat.The no use mineral are washed out and the gold are catched by the gold grass mat. China supplier cell monitor river gold washing equipment trommel


♦Includes water pump, water pipe, diesel engine / electric powered motor, wheel, can be effortless movable.Cellular with wheels, can free transport/move to other lace when complete the work. It is match to little scale / large mine processing.
♦ Diesel motor / electric powered motor, can operate in no power field.
♦ Greater hopper,single / double layer screen developed.
♦ Drinking water pump with h2o pipe release high strain h2o.
♦ It is well-known in African, Asian, South American because of to its straightforward to go and straightforward to work.
♦ It is reduced cost, miner just value a minor spending budget to acquire a single. Numerous miner arrived to our manufacturing facility to acquire it for their alluvial gold, river sand mineral, diamond mining.

CZPT Information of Trommel:

Model Capacity (t/h) Wheel
Drinking water pump
& h2o pipe
 Diesel engine
/ CZPT motor
Display dimension Weight
GL510 5-fifteen 4 contain diesel engine
/ electric motor
five hundred mm 1300
<3-20 1200
GL615 ten-20 4 consist of diesel engine
/ electrical motor
600mm 1500
GL715 20-thirty four consist of diesel motor
/ electric powered motor
600mm 1500
GL815 30-forty four consist of diesel engine
/ electrical motor
600mm 1500
GL1571 forty-100 four include diesel engine
/ electric powered motor
one thousand mm 2000 mm <3-20
GL1225 one hundred-160 four consist of diesel engine 1200 mm 2500 mm <3-20mm 3000
a hundred and fifty-200 four-six contain diesel motor
/ electrical motor
1500 mm 3000 mm <3-20
200-three hundred 4-6 incorporate diesel engine
/ electric motor
1500 mm 4500 mm <3-20
300-450 4-six contain diesel engine
/ electric motor
1800 mm 4800 mm <3-20

2). Rotary scrubber / Rotary scrubber Trommel
Ideal to clean clay and stickly alluvial mining, dirty stones.

Some consumers are facing severe mining setting of high density clays and mud, our G serious Rotary Drum Scrubber was born for washing out these enimies. Some times it coworked with automobile washing belt to achieve the ideal effectiveness.
CZPT Drum Washing Machine, which is also named Drum Washing Machine, is the most superior ore washing products at existing in China. It is in a position to de-slime of the sand and stone, the drum inside of is outfitted with one or double layer spherical display which can get two to three different size of sand stone products.

Rotary scrubber application: Tantalite mine, Gravel, clay gold mine, sticky mine, stone.
Mining clay gold processing device rotary scrubber.
It is a mineral washing machine, designed to break up alluvial, gravels, clays and sand. It can accept substance up to 230mm.
It is in a position to de-slime of the sand and stone, the drum inside is equipped with single or doublelayer round display can get two to three distinct dimension of sand stone merchandise, To which is utilized pre-concentration of the components have mud, to encourage the beneficiation index in the later methods and it is extensively utilized to the washing of manganese, iron, limestone, tungstenore, silica and so on. The slurry substance feeds into the drum exactly where it is vigorously scrubbed, the soil matrix is damaged up and the focus on mineral is launched. The materials is then screened via the rotating display screen and waste is ejected. The screened substance is then handed on to the concentrating modules for upgrading.
Designed to split up alluvial gravels, clays and sand
Substantial ability and high electrical power scrubbing
The long drum of the scrubber retains material for longer, a lot more vigorous washing for comprehensive separation
A single high output electrical motor driving a gear system supplying effective torque
Adjustable rotary pace
The drinking water with substantial pressure flushed the inwall of drum
Can acknowledge substance up to 230mm
Mechanical sealing of inlet chute small spillage when in excess of feeding
Push hundreds absorbed in the drive frame and pivoting drive body design and style Foundations only have to assist vertical load and are not crucial for alignment ie nominal value
Shell style considerably less mass than traditional roller supported units installation craneage need lowered

CZPT information of Rotary scrubber trommel:

Design Drum Size
Screen size
Rotation speed
Feeding size
Water consumption
Angle of inclination (°) Water pressure
Capacity (T/h) Power (Kw) Weight 
G1030 Φ1000×3000 .5-twenty 25-28 ≤100 1.5-four .5-10 .4-.5 30-fifty fifteen four.8
G1136 Φ1100×3600 .five-thirty 25-28 ≤100 one.five-four .five-10 .4-.5 forty-60 15 five.two
G1230 Φ1200×3000 .5-thirty 23-25 ≤100 1.5-four .5-ten .4-.five fifty-70 eighteen.5 five.8
G1430 Φ1400×3000 .five-thirty 20-23 ≤150 1.5-four .five-ten .4-.five 60-80 22 6.2
G1545 Φ1500×4500 .5-thirty 18-22 ≤150 one.five-4 .five-10 .4-.5 70-one hundred twenty 30 six.9
G1560 Φ1500×6000 .five-thirty 18-22 ≤150 1.five-4 .5-10 .four-.5 eighty-a hundred thirty 37 eight.3
G1845 Φ1800×4500 .5-thirty 20-21 ≤170 one.five-four .5-ten .four-.five ninety-one hundred thirty 45 11.8
G1860 Φ1800×6000 .5-30 twenty-21 ≤170 1.5-four .5-ten .four-.five a hundred-140 45 12.8
G2060 Φ2000×6000 .5-thirty 19-20 ≤210 1.5-four .five-ten .four-.five a hundred and twenty-160 fifty five fourteen.eight
G2265 Φ2200×6500 .five-thirty 19-twenty ≤230 1.five-four .five-10 .four-.5 one hundred sixty-one hundred eighty fifty five sixteen.five

Jaw crusher

Type  Feed Opening Max. Feeding Size Adjusting Range Of Capability Rotation Speed Of Motor Power Total Weight Dimensions
Discharge Opening Eccentric Shaft
(mm)  (mm)  (mm)  (t/h)  (r/min)  (KW)  (Ton)  (mm) 
PE-two hundred*300  200*300 a hundred and eighty 15-50 two-six 260 7.5 one 910*750*990
PE-two hundred*350  two hundred*350 one hundred eighty eighteen-70 three-10 260 eleven 1.3 one thousand*870*990
PE-250*400  250*four hundred 210 20-60 5-twenty 300 15 2.8 1300*1090*1270
PE-400*600  400*600 340 forty-one hundred sixteen-60 275 thirty 7 1730*1730*1630
PE-500*750  500*750 425   40-110 275 fifty five twelve 1980*2080*1870
PE-600*900  600*900 500 seventy five-200 sixty-200 250 seventy five twenty 2290*2290*2400
PE-750*1060  750*1060 630 80-one hundred forty one hundred fifteen-330 250 110 29 2660*2430*2800
PE-870*1060  870*1060 660 200-260 290-336 250 one hundred ten 31.five 2810*2430*2800
PE-900*1060  900*1060 685 230-290 one hundred sixty-four hundred 250 one hundred ten 33 2870*2420*2940
PE-900*1200  900*1200 750 95-165 220-450 two hundred one hundred ten 52 3380*2870*3330
PE-1000*1200  1000*1200 850 195-265 315-five hundred 200 110 55 3480*3876*3330
PE-1200*1500  1200*1500 1571 one hundred fifty-300 400-800 180 a hundred and sixty 100.9 4200*3300*3500
PEX-one hundred fifty*750  one hundred fifty*750 120 18-forty eight eight-twenty five 320 15 three.eight 1200*1530*1060
PEX-250*750  250*750 210 twenty five-sixty 13-35 330 thirty five.5 1380*1750*1540
PEX-250*1000  250*one thousand 210 twenty five-60 sixteen-fifty two 330 37 7 1560*1950*1390
PEX-250*1200  250*1200 210 twenty five-sixty 20-sixty one 330 45 eight.5 2140*1660*1500
PEX-300*1300  300*1300 250 twenty-90 16-105 300 seventy five eleven 2720*1950*1600

Belt conveyor

Width(mm) Duration(m)/ Power (Kw) Speed (m/s) Potential(t/h)
400 ≤12/two.two twelve-20/two.two-4 20-25/three.5-7.5 one.25-two. 30-sixty
500 ≤12/three twelve-20/3-five.five twenty-30/five.five-7.five one.twenty five-2. forty-80
650 ≤12/4 12-20/4-five.5 20-30/five.5-11 1.25-two. 80-one hundred twenty
800 ≤10/four ten-fifteen/4-five.five 15-thirty/five.5-15 1.twenty five-2. a hundred and twenty-two hundred
1000 ≤10/5.5 10-twenty/5.5-eleven 20-40/eleven-22 one.25-2. two hundred-320
1200 ≤10/7.five ten-20/seven.five-fifteen twenty-40/fifteen-thirty 1.25-2. 290-four hundred

Hammer mill

Model Motor Capacity Input size Output size Quantity
(kw) (t/h) (mm) (mm) of hammer
200*five hundred seven.5 .5-two <50 .one-three four
three hundred*five hundred 11 one-4 <50 .one-five 6
400*600 fifteen 2-6 <50 .1-12 8

Shaking desk

Design 6S-7.six 6S-four.08 6S-1.ninety five 6S-.5
Deck type Coarse ore deck Fine sand deck Slime deck
Benefication Area(m2) seven.6 7.six 7.6 4.08 one.ninety five .five
Deck size Size(mm) 4450 4450 4450 3000 2100 1100
Transmission end width (mm) 1855 1855 1855 1320 1050 five hundred
Concentrate end width (mm) 1546 1546 1546 1100 850 430
Maximum feeding size(mm) 2 .5 .15 Sand -two Sand -two Sand -2
Slime-.1 Slime-.074 Slime-.074
Feeding amount .eight-1.5ton/h .eight-one.5ton/h .eight-1.5ton/h .four-1.5t/h .three-.8t/h .05-.2t/h
Feeding density(%) twenty five-thirty twenty-25 fifteen-25 10-thirty
Stroke(mm) 16-22 11-16 eight-sixteen 6-thirty twelve-28 9-seventeen
Frequency(F) 45-220 53-250 60-280 210-320 250-450 280-460
Water added one-3t/h one-3t/h 1-3t/h .four-2t/h .two-1t/h .1-.5t/h
Transverse slope of deck 2°30-4°30 1°30-3°30 1°-2° -10° -8° -10°
Longitudinal slope of deck 1.four .92
Cross-section shape of deck rectangular noticed-tooth triangle
Motor power(kw) 1.1 .55
Transmission mechanism Eccentric linkage

Ball mill
Ball mill is the key re-crush eqipment following the crushing. Ball mill is commonly used in cement, silicate merchandise, new building resources, refractories, chemical fertilizer, black and non-ferrous steel ore-dressing, as nicely as the manufacturing business of glass or ceramics, for have though dry or soaked grinding of a assortment ores and other components.
CZPT Knowledge:

Design Shell rotation pace (r/min) Ball load (t) Feeding size(mm) Discharging measurement(mm) Capability(t/h) Motorpower(kw) Bodyweight
Ø600*1200 20~36 .five <=20 .074-.four .two~one seven.5 one.6
Ø900*1800 36~38 1.5 <=20 .075-.89 .65~two 18.5 4.6
Ø900*3000 36 <=20 .075-.89 22 five.6
Ø1200*2400 36 three <=25 .075-.six one.5~four.eight thirty 12
Ø1200*3000 36 three.five <=25 .074-.4 one.six~five 37 12.eight
Ø1200*4500 32.4 five <=25 .074-.4 1.6~5.eight 55 thirteen.eight
Ø1500*3000 29.7 seven.five <=25 .074-.four two~5 seventy five fifteen.6
Ø1500*4500 27 eleven <=25 .074-.4 three~6 a hundred and ten 21
Ø1500*5700 28 12 <=25 .074-.4 three.5~6 a hundred thirty 24.7
Ø1830*3000 25.four eleven <=25 .074-.4 four~ten 130 28
Ø1830*4500 25.four 15 <=25 .074-.4 4.five~twelve a hundred and fifty five 32
Ø1830*6400 21 <=25 .074-.4 6.5~fifteen 210 34
Ø1830*7000 23 <=25 .074-.four 7.5~17 245 36
Ø2100*3000 15 <=25 .074-.4 6.5~36 one hundred fifty five 34
Ø2100*4500 24 <=25 .074-.4 8~forty three 245 42
Ø2100*7000 23.7 26 <=25 .074-.4 8~48 280 fifty
Ø2200*4500 21.5 27 <=25 .074-.four nine~45 280 48.five
Ø2200*6500 21.7 35 <=25 .074-.four 14~26 380 fifty two.8
Ø2200*7000 21.7 35 <=25 .074-.4 fifteen~28 380 fifty four
Ø2200*7500 21.7 35 <=25 .074-.four fifteen~30 380 56
Ø2400*3000 21 23 <=25 .074-.four seven~50 245 54
Ø2400*4500 21 thirty <=25 .074-.4 eight.five~60 320 65
Ø2700*4000 40 <=25 .074-.four 12~80 400 ninety four
Ø2700*4500 twenty.7 forty eight <=25 .074-.four 12~90 430 102
Ø3200*4500 eighteen 65 <=25 .074-.4   800 137

Our organization & CZPTers Browsing

HangCZPT CZPT Mining CZPT Co., Ltd is an skilled company of mining machines in China. Our company is positioned in Xihu (West Lake) Dis. CZPT Zone, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. county, ZheJiang province, masking an location of above 30000 sq. meters, obtaining far more than 30 sets of large processing equipment and with an once-a-year outpurt of much more than 2000 sets of mining equipment.

— PRE-SALE Provider —
one.Dependent on clients’ request and budget, CZPT specialists will strictly make successful, reliable remedies appropriately
two.Mine sample screening is CZPT, we welcome the customer send out the sample to you for screening by courier, or, the buyer get the sample to our manufacturing facility for tests
three. Style and provide the comprehensive processing flowchart
four. Design & producer items in accordance to clients’ needs.

— Right after-SALE Support —
1.Pre-verify and take a look at the goods just before shipping
2.Supply the total plant layout for our clientele which including infrastructure, electrical technique and pipeline system design and style
3.Trace the standing of the shipping until the products gained
four.Put together needed documents to allow clientele move custom made clearance
five.Dispatch experts to have out under services on web site:
       1) Installation & debug of the equipment
       2) Teach the 1st-line operators & technological personnel
       3) Have out any other provider consumers might need
6. Give complex exchanging & spare components for daily life-long phrase

— One particular Cease Solution —
one.CZPTting by working the mineral beneficiation experiment. To provide our customers with the ideal answer accordingly
two.Besides provide the flowchart layout & products, we also provide the infrastructure layout CZPTal & pipeline technique style, etc. To assist our clientele total the design and style of the complete plant
3.Right after the set up, debugging of the tools, the formal creation will also be guiding by our skilled engineers on website, to assure the output minerals completely meet up with your needs.

Q: What Information must buyers give to us in order to permit we supply you with effective & suited quotation and support.
A:one). What type is the mining? Is it rock stone? or it is sand?
2). If rock stone,What is the basic particle dimension(mm) of the uncooked ore?
three). What is the dealing with potential(tons for each hour) you program to function with?
4).What is the factors of the uncooked ore? How significantly percent % of every minerals?
Q: Can we send out the mineral samples to your firm, let your business operate the ore-dressing experiments check for us?
A: Of course, we can operate the ore-dressing experiments for our consumers. Following the check, we will based mostly on the outcomes to give you the affordable flowchart, suited remedy and equipments selection. and many others.
Q: How extended is the warrenty of your equipments? Does your organization supply the spare parts?
A: The guarantee period of time of CZPT equipments is a single yr. And of program we will provide the spare areas for you for daily life-lengthy time at most affordable price.
Q: If i want the full mineral processing line. is CZPT able to help us develop it?
A: Indeed, we can help you merge a full mineral processing line. and give you associated specialist advices as lengthy as you need to have.
There is a wealthy knowledge engineer team of us. we had presently develop a lot of mining projects in China & Overseas. You can imagine our good quality and services.
Welcome to go to our manufacturing unit in your free time

Alluvial Sand Rock Stone Gold Diamond Coltan Tin Chrome Copper Nickel Cobalt Mining Process Concentrator Refining Machine