CNC Hydraulic Plate Punching Marking Machine

CNC Hydraulic Plate Punching Marking Machine

HYDRAULIC CNC PLATE PUNCHING Equipment Design YBJ-100 / 100A (Large Pace)

This device is utilized for punching and typing of metallic plates in electrical electrical power, interaction, car, metal framework and other industries.


Max Perform piece Dimension(LWT) (mm)150080571


Max Operate piece Dimension(LWT) (mm)155710571

1. Integration of machine, electrical power, gasoline and liquid

2. PLC management and servo motor

three. Fault self-prognosis perform

four. Effortless to plan and can right use the program knowledge produced by the sample software program

5. Appropriate with the newest growth of daoheng free sample software.

Technical specs

Merchandise title Numerical value Notes
Punching force(kN) 1000  
Marking force(kN) 800  
Thickness of plate(punching)(mm) 625 20mm,Q345
Max.measurement of workpiece(mm) 1500800 1557100YBJ-100A
Max.dia.of punching hole(mm) 25.5  
Min.length from gap to edge(mm) twenty five  diameter25.5mm
Figures of die three  
Dimension of character(mm) 141019  
Figures of character 10  
Can be CZPT
Approach precision Accordable with GB/T2694  

 Product characteristics:
one. The device entire body is the C-sort steel plate welding framework, the steel is very good, the procedure room is big.
2. The device has three functioning modes (like a single typing stations), and the method switch is instantly carried out.
3. The clamping program can operate for various thickness, with the foundation zero block and the workpiece supported by the ball rolling table.
4. The X-axis and Y-axis are driven by the servo motor + ball screw + precision linear manual rail, which controls the punch position by the dual-axis CNC system.
five. The whole method is routinely carried out. The operator enter the workpiece drawings into the pc and can be called again and once again.

CNC Hydraulic Plate Punching Marking Machine