T-Motor Coaxial X-505 ESC, Motor, Propeller in 1 Drone Mount

T-Motor Coaxial X-505 ESC, Motor, Propeller in 1 Drone Mount

Propulsion Technique Integration (X-COAXIAL)
T-MOTOR MN505 380KV Higher Electricity CZPT Motor with Integration of ESC and props
This is a coaxial arm set sequence for industrial drones with motors, FOC ESCs and X·carbon props built-in in a single. The tube dimensions CZPT are 30mm and 25mm with an adapter ring to change from one particular to yet another.

Characteristics of Multirotor DC Brushless Motor Set

-Sensible and EfficientFOC (sine wave) ESCs are default match for the arm sets. The productive, accurate and steady motor manage from smart algorithm meets the demand of various apps. (T-MOTOR square wave ESCs are CZPT for personalized arm sets)

-Higher RPM, Substantial Performance, Sturdy Electricity

X· carbon is a new patent polymer folding prop sequence of high RPM, higher efficiency, and sturdy power. (X·carbon props are the default match. Other props from T-MOTOR are CZPT for custom made arm sets)

-LED light

The created-in LED gentle is made for much better visibility and maneuverability at night time.

-Quick and practical

Change-important technique, perfect compatibility, superb value efficiency and modularized propulsion technique.



ARM Established LIST (http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/group.php?id=seventy seven)
Model No. Motor Default ESC Default Propeller Propeller alternatives CZPT ESC
P60-X P60-170KV Flame 60A HV MF2211 P22*6.six, G22*7.two /
  http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/goods.php?id=420 http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/products.php?id=370 http://keep-en.tmotor.com/products.php?id=742 http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/merchandise.php?id=386 /
P60-X P60-320KV Flame 70A LV MF2211 P22*6.6, G22*seven.2 /
  http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/products.php?id=421 http://keep-en.tmotor.com/merchandise.php?id=371 http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/merchandise.php?id=742 http://keep-en.tmotor.com/goods.php?id=495 /
501-X X-501 MN501S-240KV ALPHA 60A HV MF1503 P15, FA15.two FLAME 60A HV
  http://shop-en.tmotor.com/products.php?id=695 http://store-en.tmotor.com/items.php?id=582 / http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/class.php?id=four http://store-en.tmotor.com/merchandise.php?id=370
501-X X-501 MN501S-300KV ALPHA 40A LV MF2009 P20, FA20.2 ALPHA 60A HV, 
  http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/products.php?id=696 http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/items.php?id=580 http://shop-en.tmotor.com/merchandise.php?id=741 http://keep-en.tmotor.com/class.php?id=four /
501-X  X-501 MN501S-360KV ALPHA 40A LV MF1806 P18, FA18.two ALPHA 60A HV, 
  http://store-en.tmotor.com/goods.php?id=697 http://keep-en.tmotor.com/items.php?id=580 http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/goods.php?id=740 http://shop-en.tmotor.com/classification.php?id=4 /
505-X X-505 MN505S-320KV ALPHA 60A LV MF2211 P22, FA22.2 FLAME 60A HV
  http://store-en.tmotor.com/items.php?id=698 http://keep-en.tmotor.com/merchandise.php?id=581 http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/merchandise.php?id=742 http://keep-en.tmotor.com/group.php?id=four http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/items.php?id=370
505-X  X-505 MN505S-380KV ALPHA 60A LV MF1806 P18, FA18.two FLAME 60A HV
  http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/items.php?id=698 http://store-en.tmotor.com/products.php?id=581 http://store-en.tmotor.com/items.php?id=740 http://keep-en.tmotor.com/group.php?id=4 http://store-en.tmotor.com/products.php?id=370
601-X X-601 MN601S-170KV ALPHA 60A HV MF2009 P20, FA20.2 FLAME 60A HV
  http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/items.php?id=457 http://shop-en.tmotor.com/goods.php?id=582 http://store-en.tmotor.com/goods.php?id=741 http://store-en.tmotor.com/category.php?id=four http://store-en.tmotor.com/products.php?id=370
601-X X-601 MN601S-320KV ALPHA 60A LV MF2009 P20, FA20.2 FLAME 60A HV
  http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/items.php?id=457 http://store-en.tmotor.com/products.php?id=581 http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/goods.php?id=741 http://shop-en.tmotor.com/classification.php?id=four http://shop-en.tmotor.com/items.php?id=370
605-X X-605 MN605S-170KV ALPHA 60A HV MF2211 P22, FA22.two FLAME 60A HV
  http://shop-en.tmotor.com/items.php?id=458 http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/products.php?id=582 http://keep-en.tmotor.com/items.php?id=742 http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/category.php?id=4 http://shop-en.tmotor.com/merchandise.php?id=370
605-X X-605 MN605S-320KV ALPHA 60A LV MF2211 P22, FA22.2 FLAME 60A HV
  http://shop-en.tmotor.com/items.php?id=458 http://keep-en.tmotor.com/products.php?id=581 http://store-en.tmotor.com/goods.php?id=742 http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/group.php?id=4 http://shop-en.tmotor.com/products.php?id=370
701-X X-701 MN701S-135KV ALPHA 80A HV
MF2412 P24-10mm hole,
G24, FA24.2
  http://shop-en.tmotor.com/goods.php?id=459 http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/merchandise.php?id=584 http://keep-en.tmotor.com/products.php?id=743 http://keep-en.tmotor.com/group.php?id=4 /
705-X X-705 MN705S-125KV ALPHA 80A HV
MF2614 G26, FA26.two /
  http://keep-en.tmotor.com/merchandise.php?id=460 http://retailer-en.tmotor.com/items.php?id=584 http://store-en.tmotor.com/merchandise.php?id=744 http://shop-en.tmotor.com/category.php?id=4 /
U8 II-85KV
U8 Lite-85KV
ALPHA 60A HV MF2815 G28, FA28.2 FLAME 60A HV
U8 II-100KV
U8 Lite-100KV
ALPHA 60A HV MF2815 G28, FA28.2 FLAME 60A HV
U8 II-150KV
U8 Lite-150KV
ALPHA 60A LV MF2815 G28, FA28.two FLAME 60A HV
U8 II-190KV
U8 Lite-190KV
ALPHA 60A LV MF2815 G28, FA28.2 FLAME 60A HV

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T-MOTOR Society<>Culture Of Tiger
Tiger, king of the jungle, is celebrated for valor, power, boldness and vigor in Chinese traditional lifestyle. TIGER MOTOR (T-MOTOR) is devoted to getting the guiding star in UAV discipline with its career, good quality, innovation, integrity and great support.
T-MOTOR is providing consumers goods and services with job, which essentially makes certain passions of our buyers.
High quality
T-MOTOR values high quality most. We furnish you with the safest propulsion technique for your pilot aspiration.
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T-Motor Coaxial X-505 ESC, Motor, Propeller in 1 Drone Mount