Unsaturated Polyester Resin Impregnated Fiberglass Banding Tape

Unsaturated Polyester Resin Impregnated Fiberglass Banding Tape

Swift Information
Unique: China                                                                                    Brand: XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.
Sort: fiberglass Insulation binding Tape                                            Name: fiberglass binding tape
Content: Fiberglass yarn polyester Resin                                           Application: Substantial Temperature
Usage: banding components for electric powered motors, transformers              Type: Insulation Tape
Raw Substance: Fiberglass yarn polyester Resin                                 Adhesive: CZPT Sides
Tensile Power: 800N/cm                                                                Thermal Conductivity: .512W
Thermal course:  B(133ºC) / F(155ºC) / H(188ºC) as product              Rated Voltage: -20KV
Thickness: .05mm,.17mm , 0.20mm ,.30mm or CZPT          
Length for every roll:50m100m150m200m250m or CZPT
Width: 8mm,10mm ,15mm ,20mm ,25mm ,30mm ,50mm or CZPT
Search phrases: CZPTal Erosion Resistance                                    Packing: one hundred or 200meters for each roll or CZPT
Feature : High tensile strength, large resistance to shocks, Anti-static ,High modulus of elasticity, dimensional steadiness, no magnetically confining and eddy currents losses.
certification: UL, ROHS and CZPT                                               Production CZPT: JB/T 6236.three-92
Polyester resin impregnated fiberglass banding tape is made of parallelly twisted Fiberglass yarns preimpregnated with a kind of   thermosetting epoxy resin. It is delicate and sticky. Its internet-shape composition is effortlessly unwinded CZPT glass strands separation and overlapping.
Polyester Resin Impregnated Fiberglass Web Banding Tape consist of parallel twisted E glass yarns preimpregnated with a special –thermosetting polyester resin. 
   Widely employed as best banding supplies for electrical motors, transformers and lightning arresters. Utilized as banding components for electrical motors, transformers , lightning arresters and mutual inductors.
— The solution contributes the qualities of substantial tensile toughness, high resistance to shocks, substantial modulus of elasticity, dimensional security as well as no magnetically confining and eddy currents losses.
— Can be broadly utilized as ideal banding materials for electrical motors, transformers and lightning arresters.
    After e-glass fiber yarn merged and impregnated with thermosetting resin ,grow to be semi-fixed insulating tape goods. It is divided into parallel and mesh unidrectional binding tape .Mesh unidrectional binding tape is characterized by horizontal open up to mesh framework. It has excellent electrical insulation homes, great versatility, large tensile strength, large rigidity, good binding power, straightforward rewinding utilization charge, B, F, H-class can do extended-time period ongoing function on 130 ºC, 155 ºC, 200 ºC condition , and its the most suited banding substance for huge motor, transformer, arrester and mutual inductor.

Thermal Class H Degree F Degree
Volatile content 1% one.47%
Reduction of fat at calcination 22% 23%
Soluble resin content material ninety seven.forty% 97%
Tensile toughness ahead of curing 2849N/10mm 2469N/10mm
Thermal conductivity .512W/m.k .512W/m.k
Highest pull whilst banding 3100N/10mm 3100N/10mm

Course B(130 degrees C) 
Course F (155 levels C) insulating substance,
Class H( a hundred and eighty degrees C)

Product No. Title Temp
2830 Unsaturated polyester resin impregnated fiberglass binding tape B(130ºC)
2840 Epoxy resin impregnated fiberglass binding tape F(155ºC)
2841-W Modified polyester resin impregnated fiberglass web binding tape F(155ºC)
2843-W Epoxy resin impregnated fiberglass world wide web binding tape F(155ºC)
2850 polyamine imide impregnated fiberglass binding tape H(180ºC)

impregnated fiberglass binding tape consist of E-glass yarns preimpregnated with a special thermosetting polyamine imide resin

Merchandise Device Determine
Kind H188-W(2861W) F150-G-W(2845W)
Thermal course H(188ºC) F(155ºC)
Volatile content % ≤2
Loss of fat at calcination % 26±2
Soluble resin content % ≥90
Tensile power just before curing N/cm .20mm ≥1200 ≥1000
.30mm ≥2000 ≥1500
Optimum pull whilst banding N/cm .20mm ≥600 ≥500
.30mm ≥1000 ≥800
Tensile power of ringlike sample at room temperature soon after curing Mpa 20ºC
≥1000 ≥900
Tensile toughness of ringlike sample at operating temperature following curing Mpa 200ºC 155ºC
≥700 ≥560
Proof tracking index V ≥500
Arc resistance S ≥160
Dielectric energy KV/mm ≥12
Thermosetting  OK
Decline of tensile energy following soaked in oil % ≤10

2850-epoxy resin impregnated fiberglass binding tape  
2850 binding tape is made up of meshy twisted E-glass yarns preimpregnated with a special thermosetting polyamine   imide resin, it is pliable and tacky, web construction supplies easy unwind CZPT glass trands separation and overlapping.
   Strength and higher modulus and shocks resistance,no magnetically confining and eddy recent losses.
   As binding materials for electric powered motors,transformers and electrical applicances.
High tensile toughness, Take up shocks, Great elasticity, Dimensional steadiness.
Item particulars

No. Identify unit 2830 2840 2841 2851
1 Thickness and tolerances mm .17±0.03 .17±0.03 .30±0.03 .30±0.03
2 width mm twenty five/fifty
three Risky articles % ≤5.
4 Resin material % ≤27±2
5 Soluble resin content material % ≥90
6 Ring specimen typical tensile toughness MPa ≥8.00*10two ≥9.*102
7 Ring specimenthermal tensile strength MPa ≥5.00*10two
8 Ring specimen elongation at crack % ≤4.
9 Temperature index 130 one hundred fifty five a hundred and eighty
ten Curing circumstances 80ºC  2h
105ºC 2h
120ºC 2h
130ºC 15h
80ºC  2h
100ºC 2h
130ºC 2h
155ºC 8h
80ºC  2h
120ºC 2h
155ºC 8h
80ºC  2h
130ºC 2h
155ºC 2h
180ºC 3h

CZPT info:

Variety 2850-W 2840-W 2830-P
Thermal class H F B
Risky content ≤5% ≤5% ≤5%
Decline of bodyweight at calcination 27%±2% 27%±2% 27%±2%
Soluble resin content ≥90% ≥90% ≥90%
Tensile power just before curing ≥1000N/cm ≥1000N/cm ≥500N/cm
Optimum pull whilst banding 800N/cm 800N/cm 800N/cm

CZPT info:

2830 Unsaturated polyester resin impregnated fiberglass banding tape B ≤5% 27±2% 800N/cm
2840 Epoxy resin impregnated fiberglass banding tape F 800N/cm
2841-W Modified epoxy resin impregnated fiberglass banding tape F 800N/cm
2850 Polyamine-imide resin impregnated fiberglass banding tape H 800N/cm

It should be saved in places below thirty degrees C.  If the ambient temp. is more than thirty levels C, it has to be stored in fridge.

Storage Temp.ºC <5 six-ten 11-fifteen sixteen-twenty 21-twenty five 26-thirty
Storage period(Thirty day period) 12 8 6 four three 2

one. Q: Are you manufacturing facility or investing company? 
A: We are factory.
2. Q: Exactly where is your manufacturing unit positioned?
A: We are situated in the ZheJiang city, close to the ZheJiang city , China.
3. Q: Can I get sample ahead of generating order?
A: We can send you cost-free samples if you inform us the model and measurement you require, or you ship us your drawing.
four. Q: Do you acknowledge modest purchase or trial purchase?
A: Little order and trial purchase are satisfactory.
five. Q: How long can I get a sample?
A: we have samples in stock, we can send it in one particular day.
six. Q: How do you examine items?
A: We have inspection office. All items will be inspected before packing.
seven. Q: What is actually your payment expression? 
A: For tiny get, we advise 100% prior to generation to save time and financial institution charge. For bulk buy, 30%TT deposit 70%TT ahead of shipping.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Specifics: fiberglass binding tapes In carton and pallet/ According to customers’ prerequisite
Shipping and delivery Time: About fifteen days.
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Unsaturated Polyester Resin Impregnated Fiberglass Banding Tape