Small Coffee Capsule Filling Machine K Cup Filling Sealing Machine

Small Coffee Capsule Filling Machine K Cup Filling Sealing Machine

inexpensive tiny coffee capsule filling machine k cup filling sealing device


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Product Filling range  Filling Accuracy  Speed (min.) Hopper  Handle(CZPTized) Displayer  energy Dimension  Net weight Gross fat
Skp-2 -20g +-.05-.15g 80-100pcs 2.5L-110L PLC(OMRON) 10Inch AC220v/380v 50/60hz 3720*1000*2100 960kg 1000kg
Skp-four -20g +-.05-.15g 16-180pcs 2.5L-110L PLC(OMRON) 10Inch AC220v/380v fifty/60hz 3720*2000*2100 1150kg 1250kg
Skp-six -20g +-.05-.15g two hundred-260pcs 2.5L-110L PLC(OMRON) 10Inch AC220v/380v fifty/60hz 3720*2400*2100 1350kg 1450kg

Depth function 

regular function 
1.Container feeding station:Automatic empty cups loading device,adopt horizontal or vertical layout, it can accommodate 1500 capsules,Undertake air claw to feed capsule, steady and correct. Device use premade cup. Cup sensor “no cup no filling”
2.capsules photoelectric sensor :Detect No  capsules,no filling no seal
three.Nitrogen injection stationAdditional Nitrogen gasoline flush to enhance coffee shelf life.Natural glass go over the mildew,blue hose  Nitrogen security tunnel line from capsule loading station to seal station.And storage hopper has nitrogen input
4.Computerized vacuum content feeding equipment: Automatically transfer powder materials through pipe from holding flooring tank to auger hopper
5.Filling station: Provide automatic handle of the weight by means of dosing system by signifies of very exact loading cells and the final fat of the capsule by PLC, alter filling excess weight on the touchscreen.two servo auger filler
6.Push powder and clean rim station: Press down espresso powder and compacting powder inside of capsule after filling process  and  at the identical time,clear capsule’s top rim,suck residual powder to filter jar ,it will get very good sealing effect.
seven.Chopping roll aluminum film  and seal lids unit : Routinely punching and cutting roll movie, form circle lids,at the same time ,sealing lids on the capsule’s prime. Positioning lids greatest, in the prolonged run ,conserve package deal supplies
eight.Discharge station :Swing manipulator catch finished capsules to  1200mm exterior conveyor.

Optional perform

1.Capsule overturning method:Rotation arm rotates 180 diploma,set capsules upside down, it is simple to do next bundle
two.Automated counting and sorting item system :CZPT belt’s stop has sorting unit.Modify completed solution output course

3.Remote controller:When equipment is relationship with net wires,in our firm ,we can handle customer’s device to assist machine’s failure.FBOX can be mounted on the CZPT cupboard

four.Liquid taste inject unit:Adding micro flavor liquid into capsules.,inject flavor into capsule via smaller pipe ,make coffee has different taste
5.Check out Weigher:Four in-line verify weighers,environment tolerance range opinions management and reject of the bodyweight noncondition solution. High necessity for capsule bodyweight,make capsule one hundred%
6.UV lamp: Ultraviolet sterilization,permit vacant capsules go through UV station ,under UV Lighting ,Kill bacteria,make confident foods safety
7.Anti-static unit:Increase filling precision.Simply because refreshing coffee powder can produce static easily,This bar will  eliminate static 

 we can suuply bag packing device and conton filling machine ,if u have CZPT inquiry ,remember to make contact with me freely 


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Small Coffee Capsule Filling Machine K Cup Filling Sealing Machine